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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shine by Lauren Myracle

Just bought the e-book of Shine by Lauren Myracle after reading about the National Book Award hubbub.  When the selection committee announced the 5 nominees, someone mixed up the names of 2 books, Chime & Shine, so there were 6 books on the publicized list.  Initially, the committee was going to keep both titles as nominees, but then decided to ask Ms. Myracle to withdraw her title from consideration.  Lauren Myracle has now withdrawn Shine due to pressure from the NBA committee.  I bought a copy in support of this wonderful author.  I'll have a review of Shine next week.


  1. Very well done! I wonder if there is a book about a kentucky climbing boy? wonder who that would be????

  2. This was an amazing book, but I suspect a bit too gritty for the NBA committee.